Bat Trang Ceramic village & Le Mat snake village Half Day


Halfday Hanoi private easy-cycling tour to Hanoi vincinity. A memorable day with our tour guide and local villagers whom you meet on this excursion. For a long time, Bat Trang ceramic products are famous all over Vietnam. Get insight into the life of ceramics by visit a ceramic workshop. Followed by Le Mat snake village with some families still preserving their tradtional career to raise-up and make products from snake. Tasting some dishes made from snake meat. Why not ?

Refer the true experience by Jonathan Look and his wife in Le Mat snake village HERE . Jonathan Look, 54, is a US photographer and blog writer. In 2011, he decided to change his life by joining adventures to explore every corners of the world. Last April, he and his wife Sarah visit Hanoi and get by Le Mat snake village.


No. Persons 2 4 6 8
Price (US$) per person 58 42 38 34

This PRIVATE tour offers you half-day around 2 traditional villages with fun and relaxation.

TIME: 4 hours, either in the morning (8:00 – 12:00) or in the afternoon (13:00 – 17:00)


  • Private transportation with air-condition, experience driver. Pick-up & see off at your hotel
  • Private English or French speaking tour guide
  • In Bat Trang, knead clay into pots or bowls, to vases of different figures or to shape clay into animals such as cats, mice, buffaloes or cartoon characters under instructions. Visiting the pottery market.
  • In Le Mat, visit Le Mat snake farm. Enjoy lunch or dinner there.
  • Admission fees to all sightseeing places.
  • Bottled waters during transfer.


  • Souvenirs
  • Tipping for tour guide.
  • Other personal expenses.
Hanoi Snake village of Le Mat

Do you like being her ?

Tour itinerary


This Hanoi PRIVATE tour is an excursion to the 2 nearest traditional villages from Hanoi Old quarter. Start from your hotel either at 8:00 am or 13:00, the tour offers you Bat Trang ceramics village on the dyke of Red river and Le Mat snake village to see how villagers feed snakes and make meals from snakes.

Bat Trang village, since the 14th century, is famous for ceramic and pottery products of high quality. If you have known about Viet Nam, you may not be surprised that Bat Trang’s vases, bowls, dishes, and many other kinds of ceramic products have been exported worldwide. Under instructions, try kneading clay into animals and cartoon characters and making pottery has become a fun activity to let loose after long weeks travelling from Saigon to Hanoi, especially for your children.

Le Mat village, since the 18th century, is an purely agricultural one but it is famous for its snake – catching vocation. 20% villagers are living on the vocation of raising and catching snake with new services generated around this job. Le Mat people owns a treasure of knowledge and experience about snake catching techniques, making tonic medicine from snakes or medicine for treating injury bitten by snakes etc. Along village paths or big roads in Le Mat, you still see quite a lot of restaurants of snake specialities.

Either lunch or dinner is arranged by Vietnam Cheap Packages. You will enjoy snake meals in Le Mat with local snake wine – it’s a strange feeling.

Hanoi cycling tour to Bat Trang village

Bat Trang is the most famous ceramic village of Vietnam. There you can get inside a ceramic workshop to see the artisants making the prominent products. You may also make some ceramic vases, cups … by yourselves.


If you’re NOT familiar to cycling, you can ask us to arrange motorbike or car instead (a surcharge is applied). This tour shows you 2 contrast extreme: the idyll of Bat Trang landscape vs. the thrill of Le Mat snake wine. Overall, you have chances to find out an other look at Hanoi from another angle – From-the-eye-of-a-villager.


In Le Mat snake village, don’t worry so much about which is the best restaurant, they are all more or less the same. You can ask our tour guide for any recommendation. If not, just ask your driver to stop at any of the restaurants and have a look inside. Don’t get alarmed by the some carport-ish look of the restaurants, that’s downstairs where they keep and prepare the snakes. Most restaurants have the dining-space upstairs, and they ate really lovely. Most of the waiters at the restaurants don’t speak any English, but most have an English and Vietnamese menu, so you should be fine.

In Bat Trang ceramics village, try kneading clay into pots or bowls, to vases of different figures or to shape clay into animals such as cats, mice, buffaloes or cartoon characters, and making pottery has become a fun activity to let loose after long weeks travelling from Saigon to Hanoi.