If you book the tour 07 (seven) days prior to the tour starting date, your tour is confirmed instantly and you can pay immediately.

If you book the tour from 06 (five) to 0 days prior to the tour starting date, you kindly check the departure date availability with our travel consultant before making payment.

We would like to offer you 03 (three) Terms of Payment which are in priority’s order. Please read our options very carefully. We would like to ensure that it will be really most convenient for you.

PAYPAL – ONLINE PAYMENT (highly recommended)

Pros: Quickest – Your money arrives into our account immediately. PayPal is highly recommended when you want to pay by credit card or the tour dates are very closer. Top secret – All card information is filled by you, not anyone else so it’s confidential.

Cons: The low fee is fixed at 3%. In fact, total fee required by PayPal is 4.4% + 30 US cent, but our company will pay 1.4% + 30 US cent by ourself. However, don’t hesitate to pay by PayPal because most day-excursions cost below 30 USD/ person and the according fee of 3% is very small. Confidential – your card payment is secured by PayPal, the biggest worldwide payment portal and verified by eBay security.

How to pay: You provide us with your email which you registered with PayPal, or we will email you the payment link. For us to create the PayPal link, please provide us with Your Fullname – Your Email – Your Telephone – Your address (if the payment is in trouble, we will call you). That’s all ! As you see, it’s very simple.


Pros: Very quick – Your money arrives into our account within 8 hours.

Cons: The fee can be high up to 5%. However, most day-excursions cost below 30 USD/ person and the fee is very small accordingly.

How to pay: Please visit the homepage of Western Union www.westernunion.com, choose your country and click on menu “Find your agent”.
You will go to the Western Union agent nearest to your place and ask them to transfer money to us. Please complete their Sending form and get a “Reference Number”, then tell us about that Reference Number, your Sender’s full name and your Country of sending.

Here is our information to receive the transfer amount from you – Ms. Nguyen Thi Lan Anh is our company Accountant Manager.
First name: THI LAN ANH
Last name: NGUYEN
National identity card Number: 022185000473
Date of issuing: 27 October 2015


We provide you our bank account and you will transfer the deposit/ full payment.

Pros: Simple procedures: all things to do are available for your banks to transfer the money to our bank. The highest security. Bank Transfer is the cheapest payment way, so for big amount of money, we recommend you to pay through wire transfer in order to save the surcharge of money transferring

Cons: Speed. We have to wait rather long. It takes 3 – 10 days upon the bank of the sender and the country where the bank is located. Sometimes we’re waiting for 9 days for a transfer from Mongolia or 7 days for another one from Dubai.

Our Bank details are as follows:
Bank address: 98 Hoang Quoc Viet street, Hanoi city, Vietnam
BENEFICIARY: NGUYEN THI LAN ANH (she’s our Accountant Manager)
US Dollars Account: 0491370034083
Tel: +84 43 7569003
Fax: +84 43 7569004

How to pay: Go to your nearest bank to make the transfer. After you issued the payment in the bank, please keep the receipt and send us the scan copy via email or fax. Once we received your payment, your private travel consultant will notice you by email and final confirm the tour for you.

Please advise us the Terms of Payment you prefer and ask us promptly for any information related to that Term for more clarification.