Low Price Motto

Vietnam Cheap Packages consultants travel and travel always to find out the smart and factual ways to save the tour cost, so the tour prices are as low as possible. Consequently, you can see most Half-day or Full-day excursions, Vietnam & Cambodia activities costing lower than US$ 35/person. And most tour package prices are at about US$ 50/person/ per day at the average. Facing the rise in entrance fees and transfer cost, it’s a remarkable effort from the whole team to propose the best deals and renovate the smart travel itineraries to the market.

A newcomer doesn’t know how much the travel costs increase in 2014. Compared to 2013, Halong and Bai Tu Long bay admissions cost double or 3-times pricy. We’re not joking – it’s from US$ 4 (2013) to US$ 11 (2014) for 1-day Halong boat trip, US$ 12 to US$ 23 for 2-day boat trip and US$ 15 to US$ 33 for 3-day boat excursions. That’s why in this 2014, we highly recommend you extend your trip to Cat Ba islands, South of Halong bay and explore more in this UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve instead of Halong bay. Travelers still enjoy sun, sand, sea and limestone karst forest among the ocean similar to Halong bay, but even more energetic life in Cat Ba downtown or more serene in Whisper of Nature bungalow inside Viet Hai village. We’re sure 3-day Halong – Cat Ba costs less than the same duration on Halong boats. Another example, you see the airfares in Indochina countries rise about 10% during the last 15 months. An internal ticket from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap takes from US$ 93/person (2013) to US$ 105/person (2014). Why dont’ you use local VIP bus with “the aircraft services on ground” which still offers you free Wifi, soft-clining seats, air-con., mineral water and nice English speaking receptionists on every bus journeys at US$ 15 only ? It’s even better if you travel roundtrip between Phnom Penh and Siem Reap and book 1-way flight and 1-way VIP bus. Eliminate the tiredness, save your travel budget and still guarantee you see the locals’ life – That’s what our travel consultants would like to target.

In 2014, Vietnam Cheap Packages decides to extend our tours to Cambodia. We’re know how glamorous Cambodia wonders are to travelers and why Lonely Planet writers put Siem Reap as the final chapter in Vietnam recent guidebooks. Though Siem Reap is out of Vietnam trips, surely every travelers want to visit it after their Vietnam holidays. In 2014, we have a new team in Cambodia led by Mr. Sohed to cover all bookings and run Small Group Tours to Phnom Penh and Siem Reap monthly. Similar to Vietnam, most Cambodian travel packages cost as low as possible so that they meet most budget ranges of travelers.

“Cheap” but not “Meager”. We reduce the travel costs but you can see most Vietnam Cambodia activities and travel packages are still inclusive of lunches, ensuite bathrooms with air-condition and all land transfers. Most are at 3-4 star standards. Because they target in individuals and young travelers, they have a lot of fun and each excursion/package is an encounter for friends and smiles. Most are packages, which means apart from tipping for guides, some dinners and your personal expenses, you don’t need paying anything more.

The Vietnam Cambodia travel packages are flexible in term of accommodation. We encourage you book hotels via our company to gain at least 3% lower than Agoda.com rates. If you find other booking channels lower, feel free to book online by yourselves but you may consult our ideas about the hotels because we have some consultants working for hotel sales and marketing “insider” some years ago. Book the hotels in your way and go on tours with us.

Last but not least, remember everything has its own cost. Unlike other competitors, we don’t state “we are the cheapest”. We know what “the cheapest” values for and this is not a race for cheap price. Trust us ! Good travel itineraries at a low cost as possible is our motto throughout our company works.