Vietnam Cheap Packages is a mixture of youth and senior, speed and stamina, ethusiasm and experience, blending a refine cup of Vietnamese Robusta coffee with sometimes a quick Starbuck. We’re a newly established team but from 3 – 12 years traveling around Indochina and South East Asia, and have a common inspiration in finding out the smart way to travel with the lowest budget. Before joining Vietnam Cheap Packages, each member also hold an important position in most fields relating to the hospitality industry (tour guide, tour operator, hotel sales manager, product manager). Because once to be “an insider” of each field, we’re confident in showing you the best way to experience the travel services in a given destination, and in the possibility to coordinate the different travel services into 1 proper package.

Meet our team

Robson, Co-founder of VietnamCheapPackagesRobson

07 years leading groups to Vietnam & 05 years as hotel manager before retiring at Vietnam Cheap Packages due to his wife order !Ops! But he never changes his hobby of wandering among terrace rice fields in Northwest Vietnam leaving his family behind.


Mike, North Vietnam specialist


He can’t flirt any girls without his bike. Loving bike and cycling, he decides to get engage to biking trips and excursions first. He’s now the most cycle chic of our team and certainly, you will meet him in any biking consultancy.


Alicia, Cambodia & Saigon specialist


Starting her career as a tour guide to Cambodia and Saigon, Alicia has an endless inspiration for Mekong river. Can you see the string attached to her nose ? That’s the definition of her hobby: going out ‘n stringers. She kids it helps her nose live under Mekong water level for such a long period – 8 years.


Haris, Marketing officer


The pair of glass speak it loud – he’s an authentic travel guru loves novels, writing and parties. He also loves Internet and sharing the hobby of travel marketing via social networks and media
products with friends. That’s the same way he make friends with many people and different cultures. A secret weak point: 9gag 🙂

Lan Anh, Accountant-in-Chief

Lan Anh

Lan Anh worked for hotel administration for 3 years before changing into our office. She’s now keep track of all internal transactions and cash flow. You will meet her name on our tour Invoices. She’s always ready for new things, but there’s 1 thing she never forget: dancing.


Singapore representative

Mr. Albert Tang – Singapore Representative

Started his career in the printing industry, but traveling is also his passionate in 19 years. He got familiarized with VietnamCheapPackages in a North Vietnam tour organized by our team, and decided to join the team since 2018. He will bring Vietnam & Cambodia affordable tours to the Singaporean market more efficiently. >> More about him <<


Sohed, Cambodia representative


Coming from the sunny beach of Sihanoukville, Sohed is the most experienced guy of our team but joined as the latest along with our Cambodia tour launch. As an expert in bus routes, street foods and riverlines, he brings more facts into our tour itineraries and knows the smart way to upgrade your immersion among the life of Cambodian.


your avatar

You ?

That’s right, we’re hiring! Do you love traveling? Do you love sharing? Meet us to discuss putting your talent to good use. Our team is a relaxed, fun and flexible workplace, with exciting projects but no stress. Please Contact Us if you’re seeking a lift-up for your career.


How we are different

  • Hotel bookings are lower than Agoda
  • 40 Activities under US$ 30/person
  • 40 Excursions under US$ 40/person
  • 20 Packages under US$ 50/person/day
  • All excursions and packages depart daily
  • Flexible & Smart consultancy
  • Actual knowledge & proven experience
  • Available 24/7

Flexible. Cheap & GO

This is our slogan, and also our guideline for all our travel consultancy.

Flexible means all are determined by clients. Clients can customize the tour features, schedules, hotels, timing as much as possible till we reach agreement. The duty of a travel consultant is matching the facts with the clients’ changes, then finding the best solution to organize the tour smoothly. Flexible also means we allow clients to choose the most suitable among many payment methods, low deposit, and the rest of payment can be paid on-spot to increase your trust in our company. Flexible in the way you contact us: Viber, Line, Whatsapp, Skype, Social media, Email, Phone always available 24/7.

Cheap is our name, and also our strength. All us have experienced both luxury and budget services. We know what a budget tour is, but also know how to assure the service quality to satisfy your standard comfort. Even at a low-cost, we still can offer you free upgrades and other add-ons to maximize your benefits. The sample tours on this website are hand-picked by our experts, and have an estimated average budget of US$ 50/person/day.

GO. Vietnam and Cambodia are in your hand and let us care about your holidays. Let’s go to the two home countries where our travel consultants were born and grown up. We are the locals, so we will tell you how you travel as an insider. Each holiday inspires you, and you will want to return Vietnam and Cambodia in the coming time.

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