8 Tips to Plan a Perfect Budget Travel to Vietnam

Budget travel to Vietnam is now a hot travel trend worldwide. The number of backpackers and indie travelers to Vietnam has tripled over the past few years. So how to plan a perfect budget travel to Vietnam without any hassle? Our following tips will certainly help you.

1. Make a list of cheap destinations you want to visit in your budget travel to Vietnam

snorkeling and fishing in a budget travel to Phu Quoc

You can enjoy an offshore fishing trip and go snorkeling on your Phu Quoc budget travel.

To make the most of your budget travel, the first thing you should do is forming a list of cheap destinations you would love to visit. The tip here is trying to find the attraction you like first, then search for specific information about entrance fee (if any), transportation costs, accommodation and other personal expenses you might have to spend their. When enough data, calculate the total number and compare to your budget. Don’t wander in shopping malls, it will cost you unexpectedly! Some recommended stops in Vietnam for budget travel are:

  • In the North of Vietnam: Cat Ba Island, Co To Island, Mai Chau
  • In the Middle of Vietnam: Hoi An
  • In the South of Vietnam: Phu Quoc, Mekong Delta
a day of budget travel to Mai Chau

Have a budget travel to Mai Chau and see how the locals’ life going.

2. Look for cheap air ticket

Your budget travel can’t be perfect without a cheap airfare. Be sure to subscribe to newsletter of lowcost airlines such as AirAsia, Cathay Pacific, and some reputable airlines such as Vietnam Airlines, Qatar Airways, etc. to receive hot airlines deal. Check often for flight schedule from your city to main destination in Vietnam, such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh city and Da Nang. Try to pay by credit cards, some airlines have special promotion for specific credit cards.

3. Look for cheap hotel deals

As budget travel is trendy, many hotels in Vietnam frequently offer favorable, even maximum discount prices of 70% for their rooms. You can easily have good deals for 2-3 star hotels: the quality is ok, and the price is also reasonable. Check out reputable hotel reservation websites like agoda.com and booking.com to get information. Read more reviews of users on these sites and social networks who have been staying at the hotel of your choice to see if the services are really good or not.

4. Ask for help on the Internet

Believe it or not, social networks and other review websites are becoming a massive and helpful source of information for budget travel. Try to be an active user, take part in some Vietnam budget travel groups on Facebook, or in some Vietnam threads on some famous forums such as Thorn Tree (Lonely Planet), Travel Fish, Frommers etc. Also, if you wish, you can ask Vietnam Cheap Packages’ consultants for free support on every question regarding your budget travel.

5. Spend wisely

For budget travel, in addition to making a list of destinations in Vietnam you want to visit and draw a general budget for the trip, you still need one more important skill: bargain. Vietnam is a country where you can ask for lower prices. The sellers will never hate or act rude to you when you bargain. All you need to do is don’t immediately walk away when they offer you an unimaginable high price. Give them a smile and ask for 2 or 3 times lower. You will get a discount for sure!

6. Don’t put too many stuffs in your bag!

Prepare enough essential clothes for the trip, and roll them round to save space. Don’t bring too many of accessorizes, makeup etc. at the same time. It will take most of your space which you could spare for the other neccessary stuffs like camera, multifunctional charger, convenient jacket etc. Especially don’t forget your camera if you go for a coral diving in Phu Quoc, Con Dao, or a thrilling surfing in Nha Trang.

7. Pick a smart tour

You can book a tour either when you are at your home country or when you arrive Vietnam. A tour doesn’t cost you a lot as you thought. The thing is you have to choose wisely. Some cheap packages can even save you a huge amount of money from exploring the area by yourself. You can also choose your own period of travel, stay away from the travel’s peak season and opt for the days in between. Try to visit Sapa in mid September, and come to Hoi An in March! You will find it even more interesting to be the trend creator.

8. Be friendly

Pu Luong Thai hilltribe friendly woman

A spontaneous smile of a woman of Thai hill tribe in Pu Luong nature reserve, Mai Chau, Hoa Binh.

“Really? Does it help anything with your budget travel?” The answer is YES. Yes, why not? Vietnam is a friendly country, and we all love friendly people. We all love to see your smile, we can know that a sign of you enjoying your trip. And at least, being friendly makes you a happier person yourselves. Besides, when you smile and act nicely with the hotel staffs, the travel agents, the sellers, even other travelers you meet around, good things will return. They might offer you a better price, they might assist you any time with all information you need, they might even reveal you the tips to make a perfect budget travel!

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