11 Countries You can visit with a Student Budget

Here is the list of 11 countries that You can travel at a super-mini budget.

1. Cambodia

Visit Cambodia at Student budget

Cambodia – Angkor Wat

The kingdom is not only famous for Angkor Wat – 1 of the 7 New Wonders of the World, but well-known as a cheap country to travel. In Cambodia, you can spend only 1 Pound for 1 night in a mini hotel, and 1 US Dollar for a meal. Transportation cost is also low with all choices except for train.

2. Hungary

Despite of an European country, traveling to Hungary is very cheap. In Budapest the capital of Hungary, you can spean only 3 US Dollars for a meal, 2 Dollars for train tickets and 3 Dollars for a simple guesthouse. Budapest is a famous tourism capital of Europe next to Danube river. Getting there by train from other European countries are easy and cheap instead of flights, so you shouldn’t miss this beautiful city.

3. Sri Lanka

Don’t miss the low-cost air ticket campaign to Sri Lanka, then if lucky, you will find a return ticket at US 200 Dollars only. You will experience the serene beaches, grand mountain ranges, waterfalls, lakes and endless tea farms at the average of around 30 Dollars per person per day.

Sri Lanka is indeed a paradise for cheap travel

Sri Lanka is indeed a paradise for cheap travel


4. Thailand

Thailand is the first country of Southeast Asia to attract foreign visitors annually.This golden country has launched many good policies to help travelers easy to explore the best features of culture and culinary.

In Thailand, you only have to pay 5 Dollars for a night in hostel, each breakfast costs 1 Dollar. Public transport is always available at an obvious cheap ticket, and also a good choice to avoid frequent traffic jams in Bangkok. Especially, taxi in Thailand is cheaper than taxi in Vietnam.

5. Myanmar

This is another Southeast Asian country with diversified history and culture. Myanmar is a country of pagodas and tropical landscape.

If you don’t need special services as balloon ride in Bagan, or colonial-styled hotels in Yangon, your holiday in Myanmar must be cheap. A meal costs around 2 – 3 US Dollars, guesthouse at 20 US Dollars/room/night for 2 people, public bus ticket between 2 neighbour provinces is at around 8 – 10 US Dollars. On spot, you should rent a bike at 2 Dollars/ halfday to get around, which is cheaper than train and bus.

Myanmar famous for student budget travel

4,000 old pagodas in Bagan

6. Greece

Due to world economic crisis, the living standard of Greece has been decreasing. From US or Singapore, you can fly to Greece at 500 US Dollar lowest. If you’re from Europe, you should go to Greece by train (like the case of Hungary above). In Greece, you spend around 15 US Dollar per day for meals and overnight.

7. Nepal

Nepal is a small country but awarded with white Himalaya the rooftop of the World. The return air ticket Vietnam or Singapore – Nepal is at 300 – 400 US Dollars. Cost for 1 day meals and overnight is super cheap at 10 US Dollars. Even hiking tours at around 300 US Dollars per person is low compared with others in Europe, Japan or Malaysia. Most visitors to Nepal join group hiking so the tour price is even cheaper. Remember, we’re talking about hiking to Everest peak, the top of the World. 300 Dollars is deserved it !

8. India

India ranks in Top 10 most attractive countries of World Tourism. In India, hotel costs around 10 US Dollars in main hubs. Trains are used for transport among cities, and for inner cities, rickshaws are more popular at around 2 Dollars for 5 km. Therefore, to discover this beautiful country, you spend only 20 US Dollars per day.

Iconic Taj Mahal temple

Iconic Taj Mahal temple

9. Bolivia

Bolivia is considered as the cheapest country for foodies. 1 beer or soup costs only 2 Dollars. Travelers can visit the colonial museums and castles at cheap admissions. For instance, the entrance fee to La Paz museum is 58 US cent per person only.

10. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, the capital of Czech Republic, is an ideal place for your city discovery with thousands of ancient buildings typical for European architecture. Guesthouses in Prague cost around 10 – 15 US Dollars. Beer is even cheaper than drinking water. There are many free things to do in Prague. Certainly, this city brings you an exceptional experience.

11. Vietnam

Obviously, Vietnam is in Top country which you can travel at a Student budget. A mini hotel in Hanoi Old quarter or in District 1, Ho Chi Minh city takes you only 5 – 7 US Dollar/room/night. To Australian visitors, Vietnam is the Top country of Southeast Asia for motorbiking/biking tours. This tour theme saves your holiday budget much, and you can go to any corners of Vietnam which bus and flights can’t reach.

Sapa travel at a student budget

Sapa cheap holiday packages

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