Nha Trang Salangane island 1 Day (Group tour)


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This is the best-seller tour of Nha Trang. Nha Trang city, with 700-year-old business of raising salanganes, has the largest number of islands which are home to the salanganes and its products have been rated as having the best quality. Daily departure including pick-up and see-off from your hotels.


US$ 55 per person
This Group tour brings you the close-up of true nature in off-shore of Nha Trang.


  • Pick-up & see-off at your hotel in Nha Trang city center
  • English speaking guide
  • Joining boat cruise
  • Vietnamese lunch
  • Admissions
  • Cold towels & Mineral water during transfers


  • Tips for the guide & driver.


It is really a good way to figure out how people get the salanganes nest, the very nutritious food by this trip. Noi Islands is not only known as the Salanganes Islands, but also the only one has the beautiful twin-beach. Joining this trip, you can visit the Salanganes Cave where many workers use bamboo stairs to get the nest on the high cliff. It is really the unforgettable sight. By glass bottom boat, you can see fantastic coral-reefs which are covered with multi coloured fishes, and enjoy swimming, snorkelling in clear, smooth water on the twin-beach. After the various exercises in the water, you can visit the Temple on the top of Du Ha 90m heighted mountain as a small climbing exercise. The lunch is served with excellent seafood dishes including drinks. Let yourself feel free and opening – mind by watching films about the history of Khanh Hoa Traditional Salanganes nest gathering and business and visiting the Ancestor Temple of Salanganes gathering working. On the boat back to the dock, you also taste variety seasonal fruits.

Nha Trang Salangane island far from the mainland

As Salangane Island is far from the mainland, tours need to depart very early in the day and thus we woke up bright and early to be at Cau Da Wharf at 7:00 a.m. for our big trip.

Touch and explore Salangane bird nests Nha Trang

The cruise departs at 7:30 a.m. with a light breakfast prepared for tourists as the ship smoothly surfs on the waves. The warm sunlight and delightful surroundings got us ready for our tour of the island of salangane, a species of swift which is famous as the producers of the edible bird’s nests.

Watch tower on cliff of Nha Trang Salangane island

Watch tower on cliff of Nha Trang Salangane island, which is used to guard the privacy of Salangane nests.

Saliva of salanganes is the most precious

Saliva of salanganes is the most precious. In the market, you must pay around 150 $ for 100g. Saliva of Salanganes has different purposes: For women beauty, for longlive old men, for Anorexic kids.

Twin beach on Nha Trang Salangane island

A dip in the water of Twin beach is the ideal way to refresh yourself and enjoy bird’s nests before your return.


This tour is only confirmed one day in advance, except yearly rainy season in September, October, November.

Riding by Glass Bottom boat is interesting because you’re Not soak but still can see the coral and sea creatures at the depth of 7m. The coral reef is well protected so that travelers can see it in origin.

Remember to climb-up Du Ha peak at 90m, the highest of Noi Salanganes island. Du Ha peak is the most ideal place for visitors to capture the panorama photos of sea, islands and the city.

Swimming on Twin beach is also a highlight of Noi Salanganes island. This beach is a sand strip in C-shape at the foot of Du Ha peak. This beach is totally private with no buildings no boat docks surroundings.

Vietnam is one of few countries in the world that has an industry of farming and processing salagane nests. For over 700 years, the business of raising and processing salangane nests in Nha Trang has developed strongly and has become a leading economic strength of the locality. The salagane nest festival is held annually on May 10 according to the lunar calendar at the shrine where people worship those who are credited with establishing the salagane nest production business on Noi Island.

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