Why Laos is NOT a cheap country to travelers ?

Many clients ask us why VietnamCheapPackages.com doesn’t sell Laos cheap packages. The answer is simple: Laos is not a cheap country to travelers. Public buses are not modern and comfortable enough as Cambodia and Vietnam, which is the first reason for a cheap holiday package when you want to forget private car or direct flights. The city hotels are really good, but room rates are doubled than Vietnam and Cambodia. In Laos, there is no group tour package or day-trip organized by locals. As you know, only by joining a group, you can share your trip cost with others, and pay less.

Guesthouse in Vang Vieng

Guesthouses in Vang Vieng, Nong Khiaw and Si Phan Don are the only examples of cheap accommodation in Laos.

Another reason relates to tour theme. 90% of Laos territory is mountain ranges with grand Mekong river streching from North to South of the country. This makes Laos a prominent country for adventure. And you know adventure tour package always costs high due to high-risk and hurdles travelers take during the tour.

You will never find a cheap Laos tour at the average budget of US$ 50/person/day as our Low Price Motto. With English speaking guide and booking a standard room with hot shower, you have to spend such amount, even without other expenses on transfers, entrance fees and meals. Don’t be surprised if a 4-day tour in Luang Prabang costs 1.5 times higher than the same tour duration in Saigon, and doubled pricy to a 4-day itinerary in Siem Reap. Laos is a country as yet untouched by the modern demands, stress and peace of life, and high tour prices are also a way of local government to keep tourist attractions away from overload, and less negative impact on nature.

Laos is serene and people are calm ! Tourism is the fastest growing industry in Laos, but when you ask us about Laos package, we will design a private package for you, and be ready for a high deal.

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